Fourth week

Home as Office (2017) by Valinia Svoronou


Svoronou based her film, Home as Office (2017) in a local J.D. Wetherspoon’s pub branch called The Coronet in Holloway, London. Originally called “The Savoy”, a listed art deco building, it was used from the 40’s until the late 80’s as a cinema, the last film it screened being Blade Runner, before being remodelled into the current pub space. Svoronou explores how the purpose of the space followed a growing generation of people living in the area, in parallel with the mutations of the architectural space changing with time. The film recreates a tech noir narrative and atmosphere, with the aid of 3d rendered imagery and direct motion captures on the actual pub space to speculate on a narrative appropriated from the same cinema genre. Furthermore, the film investigates appropriated aesthetic tropes of design and ornament as bearers of a specific era and their resonance, or reflection in a possible present; thus the spectre's of modernism act as hauntological features which retain resonant echo's in our current times.

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Third week

The Rebel Body (2019), directed by Johanna Breiding and Shoghig Halajian.


The Rebel Body follows the murder of Anna Göldi (1782), the last person to be executed for witchcraft in Europe, and tracks her final route through Glarus, Switzerland. In 2007, the Swiss parliament acknowledged Göldi's case as a “miscarriage of justice" and exonerated her of criminal charges. Two filmmakers search for Göldi and record the varying ways that town residents recount her story today. As they travel through the different layers of the region - from mountain tops to underground caves - they search for scars in the landscape and imagine how place manifests absence. 


Participants include: Silvia Federici and Glarus residents: Kurt Annen, Helen Creo
, Mark Feldmann, Hans Rhyner, Kaspar Rhyner, Annarös Streiff
, Beat Wüthrich
, and Barbara Zweifel-Schielly

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Second week


A sound piece for Agia(saint) Athanasia of Egaleo by Charalambos Kourkoulis.


Charalambos Kourkoulis is a photographer, photojournalist, artist, dj, avid collector of plants (mainly epiphytic plants) as well as curiosity pictures, situations and events.


Saint Athanasia of Egaleo, Athanasia Samari her real name, who died this February, was from Old Manolada, claimed since 1945 to have visions of the Virgin Mary, who even left written messages on her chest, in order to convert non-believers. The fact that the then 17-year-old Athanasia was completely illiterate (according to her fellow villagers she could not even write her signature) and the extreme misspelling of the divine messages reinforced the wonder in the eyes of the gullible. From 1945 until today, Saint Athanasia managed to assemble a vast fortune in land and real estate as well as having several faithful volunteers working for her, by exploiting a very mild, hereditary skin disease that is called dermographism and, especially, the naivety of people.


Dermographism, although not particularly usual, is a fairly common, harmless and painless condition. The patient has a very local skin irritation, which remains visible for some time after the application of even light mechanical pressure on the skin. Of course there are medications that suppress this symptom, if one wishes to get rid of this hypersensitivity.


Kourkoulis presents a sound piece based on material on Saint Athanasia from his archive. This is an anthology, a single audio file with selected pieces, something similar to the mixtapes that one used to write and listen to when one did not want to listen to the radio, some decades ago. Sound documents from courts, faithful witnesses, opinions of doctors and journalists and music are stitched onto a radio courtroom drama, a comedy, a story about a midnight show of Greek television. The piece speaks less about medicine and biology as sciences that improve health, and more about their contribution to the protection of a society that is ready to stigmatize and exclude or canonize anything perceived as a curiosity. Text by Alexios Papazacharias


The sound piece for Agia Athanasia of Egaleo by Charalambos Kourkoulis, was commissioned by Alexios Papazacharias in 2017.

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First week 

Moonlight by Andreas Angelidakis


'It was one of those nights when you just don’t feel like sleeping. I set the moon in full and halfway up the sky. The temperature was already perfect, because it always is on the internet. I flew off the edge of the cliff, and over the dark waters of the Second Life Sea. Hovering in mid-air, I thought about the past months, and how they had changed me. I wondered if those changes would be saved to my profile, or if I would have to re-build myself every time, to get back to where I am.'

Text by Andreas Angelidakis